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Legal Scribbles - a Gohou Drug drabble community!

Welcome to Legal Scribbles, a biweekly drabble community for Gohou/Legal/Lawful Drug, a manga by the infamous CLAMP. Every two weeks, your moderators (tempesta or lkk) will post a new challenge. You just write a 100+ word drabble about it. Well, that's the basic jist of it.


  • Yaoi, Yuri and Het allowed!

  • Please be kind to your fellow members and please comment to their works.

  • NO flaming allowed! You're allowed to post constructive criticism unless otherwise stated somewhere in the person's entry. We're here to enjoy other people's work, not bash them.

  • NO character or pairing bashing! If you don't like the pairing and character, then don't read it. Or read it anyway and don't comment. Just... please don't!

  • Your post must be a drabble unless you are an admin/moderator. If not, then please only post drabbles. If you have a question, comment to a mod post, or to the mod's personal journal.

  • All drabbles must follow the format of the community.

If you violate the rules, then you will be warned twice before banned. Please follow the rules, it really isn't that hard!

If you have a suggestion for a challenge, go ahead and post to a challenge post made by the moderator and suggest it. Trust us. The mods run out of a ideas sometimes, so it's really helpful when we get some ideas for challenges/themes.


Please put the challenge number and theme name in your subject box.

Rating: G - R (NC-17 included)
Genre: Humor, Fluff, Romance, AU, Angst, etc.
Warnings: (For spoilers, kins, strangeness, AU, OOC, etc)
Disclaimer: (REQUIRED)
Summary/Author Notes: (Optional)


All drabbles will be archived in the memories section.

DISCLAIMER. In no way does anyone claim Lawful/Legal/Gohou Drug. It is property of CLAMP and forever shall be. We're just borrowing the characters for a spot of fun!

Any questions? Contact tempesta or lkk

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