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New Challenge: #21 Fear 
01:55pm 16/10/2006
  It was great to see a response to the last challenge. Let's see if we can double the number of responses with the new challenge.

In honor of the upcoming Halloween, this biweek's challenge is ...

Due date: Sunday, October 29.

Tell us about some fear that haunts the guys. Maybe it's a serious one. Maybe it's a comical one. We're all afraid of something. What is Kazahaya, Rikuo, Kakei, or Saiga afraid of?

As always, past challenge topics are fair game for witing about. Also, I'm welcome any suggestions for future topics. Now, get thinking and get writing! :)
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Challenge # 11 
12:01pm 11/10/2006
  Clearly this fic proves that I will do anything lkk tells me to. I wrote this a few months ago, but never posted it. I'm only *slightly* ashamed.

Title: Torture a.k.a. Kakei's Special Brand of Entertainment
Pairing: Gen.
Rating: PG or possibly crack - is crack a rating?
Disclaimer: Not only are they not mine, this proves that... they shouldn't be.
Word Count: 376
Theme: Mother

With no further ado...
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Challenge 20: Confusion 
10:38am 03/10/2006
  Title: Disorder
Rating: PG
Pairing: Rikuo/Kazahaya
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Word Count: 213
Theme: confusion

I can't believe I finally wrote something!
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Challenge #20: Confusion 
04:21pm 01/10/2006
mood: embarrassed
Well somehow I completely misread the September calendar when I posted the last challenge. I got myself all sorts of confused. But I think I'm back on track again.

So in dishonor of my mistake, the new challenge is ....

Due date: Sunday, October 15
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Challenge #19: Water 
10:55am 28/08/2006
  The new challenge for all you Legal Drug fanfic writers is ....


We've already seen one water scene in the manga. But surely our guys have had other encounters with water. How's about you tell us about another such encounter?

Due date: Sunday, September 29

As always, responses to past challenges are welcome. If you need a reminder of prior challenge topics, check out the Memories section or click on the challenge topics tag.

I wish you happy thinking and even happier writing!

And don't forget to post here if you have a suggestion for a future challenge topic.
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Challenge #18: Birthday 
09:11am 14/08/2006
mood: hopeful
In honor of someone whose birthday is today, this biweekly challenge will be ...

Due date: Sunday, August 27.

Is someone celebrating his birthday? Is someone refusing to celebrate his birthday? Or maybe he's remembering a past birthday for someone else? Is there a supernatural being that only appears on its birthday and Kakei wants Kazahaya to find out why? What happens when one of the boys turns 18 (their next birthday)? These are some of the approaches you can take with this topic. Or be completely inventive and surprise us with something else.

Have fun! It's a birthday afterall.

As always, I'm looking for challenge topic suggestions. Just post 'em here. Also I wanted to remind you that even though each topic comes with a due date, that doesn't mean you can't write about a past topic. You could even write about a non-challenge topic. Let's get this community hopping again, shall we?
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Challenge #17: Look 
07:02pm 25/07/2006
  Sorry for being a little late with the new challenge topic. I've been juggling several projects lately.

This biweekly's challenge comes from tanihissatsu. Many thanks to her for suggesting the topic ....

look n 1. cast of countenance; expression of the face; aspect.

Find a way to incorporate the importance of a specific look into your fic. I'm sure you can do it.

Due date: Sunday, August 13. (I forgot to mention the due date last time. My bad.)

Get thinking; get writing, and then get posting! :)

I'm always open for suggestions for new challenge topics. Just post a comment to this post.
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Challenge #16: Return 
10:09am 10/07/2006
  In honor of the possiblity of CLAMP starting to work on Legal Drug again, the new challenge is ...

return (verb intransitive) (4) to go back in thought or speech; to speak again of a subject laid aside for a time [Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary Deluxe Second Edition]

If you weren't aware that CLAMP might start Legal Drug again, check out my post in gouhoudrug here.

As always, I'm looking for suggestions for future challenge topics. Please help me out, guys!
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New Challenge #15: Thunderstorms 
04:21pm 26/06/2006
  In honor of the weather my area has been experiencing for the past week, the new challenge topic is ...

... thunderstorms.
With a due date of Sunday, July 9.

Incorporate a thunderstorm into your fic. You can make it a major plot point or just a setting reference. You can even use the phrase "It was a dark and story night" if you want.

Start thinking and then get typing. And as always, I'm looking for suggestions for future challenge topics because it's obvious I suck at thinking up inspiring topics. Just drop me a comment on this post.
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New Challenge #14: Stuffed toys 
11:50am 13/06/2006
  I was feeling all fluffy this morning, and looking at the stuffed doggies sitting atop my TV, I was inspired for this challenge.

Stuffed toys aka "plushies"
Deadline: Sunday, June 25.

Just because I was feeling all fluffy when I thought of this challenge topic doesn't mean that you have to write a fluffy piece. You can if you want, of course. But you could also try something angsty or spooky or whatever blossoms in your imagination.

So give Stuffed toys some thought, then pull out your keyboards and type. Have fun!

PS: I'm still hoping for some suggestions for future challenge topics. If something occurs to you, just drop me a note on any of my posts.
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Challenge #10 - Smell 
12:03am 12/06/2006
  Title: The Scent of Love
Theme: Smell
Author: Tenshineechan
Pairings/Characters: Kazahaya, Rikuo, Kakei, Saiga.
Rating: G or K
Genre: Humour.
Warnings: Possibility of Saiga being OOC.
Disclaimer: Legal/Gouhou/Lawful Drug does not belong to me but to CLAMP.
Author’s Notes: Finally transferred it from my laptop. I was intrigued with what little of it we have read of Saiga’s character, his background and his role in the shop’s dynamic. Didn’t come out the way I wanted, but meh. Small reference to Over Tea.
Word Count: 428.

( Link to fic )
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New Challenge #13: It's bleeding. 
09:31am 30/05/2006
  Many thanks to serenityrages for submitting an entry for the Memories / Soldiers challenge. (I promise I *will* leave a review for your piece!)

Time for a new challenge. I'll try something a little different. Let's go with a sentence challenge. The sentence is ....

It's bleeding.

You can use it either as a quote or a description. If you need to change verb tense to make it work in your writing, go ahead.

Due date is Sunday, June 11. (That's Father's Day in the US. How many of you thought that I would follow my pattern of choosing holiday themes and set a topic of Fathers? LOL)

As always, I'm open for challenge topics suggestions. Please post if a thought comes to you.

So everyone, get your thinking caps on, your pens and keyboards out, and start writing!
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In response to Challenge 12 Memories -or- Soldiers 
10:42pm 16/05/2006
mood: rushed
Title: Power
Author: serenityrages
Pairings/Characters: Kudo Kazahaya, quite simply
Rating: PG-13 for slight mentions of violence
Genre: Angst maybe. Gen.
Warnings: a bit strange. a bit OOC
Disclaimer: Gohou/Legal Drug belongs to CLAMP.

His power threatened to overwhelm him like a wave.Collapse )
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New challenge #12: Memories -or- Soldiers 
10:04am 16/05/2006
  Well, I seem to be striking out in getting responses to challenges. Still, I'll keep trying. However, if you have suggestions for future challenge topics, why not drop me a note on this post? Otherwise, you'll have to make do with what I come up with.

In honor of the upcoming US Memorial Day holiday, we'll try these themes Memories or Soldiers or both if you're feeling adventuresome. Have one or both of the themes as the central focus of your piece or a side-reference within your piece, whichever suits you best.

The deadline is midnight, Sunday, May 28. Of course, you can always post responses to previous challenges as well. We need fics to liven up the place! So start thinking, start writing, and start posting. :)

And don't forget to offer up any suggestions for future challenges. Thankees. :)
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Tags & Memories 
12:03pm 04/05/2006
mood: mischievous
Hello from the legal_scribbles new co-moderator. In a flagrant abuse of newly acquired authority, I have taken it upon myself to create a tag list and to update the memories section.

All the latest posts have been added to the community's memories area.

As for the tags, I've tagged every post with either the challenge subject, a challenge topic listing, a non-challenge listing, a moderator post, or a combination. If you want to help out with future maintenance of the tags, after you post an entry to Legal Scribbles, LJ will give you the option to edit the entry's tags. Selecting an appropriate tag from the list provided would be very helpful. :)

If you want to see the full tag list, click http://legal_scribbles.livejournal.com/tag/

I'm still trying to find a way to put that URL on the community's front page. I might end up putting into the user profile instead.

(You're going to regret giving me moderator power, believe me. *snicker*)
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New Challenge #11: Mother 
10:22am 01/05/2006
  No one has offered up a new challenge, so I'll jump into the fray and offer one. (Even though my last challenge topic, smell, went over like something that ... well, for lack of a better word ... like something that smelled.)

With the usual two weeks deadline falling on Sunday, May 14, and since May 14 in the USA is Mother's Day, let's try a mother challenge. Work a mom (or a mum if you speak the Queen's English) into your fic in any way, either as the main topic or a side reference.

Good luck and good writing!
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New Challenge: Smell (#10) 
10:35am 15/04/2006
mood: thoughtful
It looks like real life has kidnapped our august moderator and challenge-giver. If no one minds, I'll step in and provide the challenge subject.

Smell (noun) an odor

Is the smell pleasant or unpleasant? Overwhelming by its presence or absent when it should be there? The main subject of your fic or merely a passing reference? You decide. As long as a smell, odor, aroma, fragrance, whatever is in there somewhere, it'll meet the challenge.

Due date: Sunday, April 30. That's 2 weeks (plus 1 day).

Good luck, everyone. Put on your thinking caps; grab pen, paper, or keyboard, and start writing! :)
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Challenge #9: Light (using its weight meaning) 
12:13pm 05/04/2006
mood: contemplative
Title: Too Heavy
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Characters / Pairing: Rikuo x Kazahaya
Warnings: angst
Challenge: light (using its weight meaning)
Disclaimer: Characters are the creation of CLAMP and are the property of CLAMP, Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd., and Tokyopop Inc. This fiction is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note: This was written to satisfy 2 challenges: the light challenge and a challenge on another forum to incorporate the phrase you do know you gotta put that in there into a 100-word drabble.

Too HeavyCollapse )

Cross-posted to gouhoudrug and my journal.

Edit: Added the copyright disclaimer. (I forgot it. Oops!)
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Two Drabbles: Parallel Lives and Blue Eyes 
04:19pm 30/03/2006
  Title: Parallel Lives
Non Challenge
Date Written: 3/28/06
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Rikuo/Kazahaya, Watanuki/Doumeki
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Legal Drug and xxxHolic belong to CLAMP.
Author Notes: Inspired by xxxHolic vol. 1. Crossover with xxxHolic.

Parallel LivesCollapse )


Title: Blue Eyes
Challenge #2: Blue
Date Written: 3/29/06
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Kazahaya/Rikuo
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Legal Drug belongs to CLAMP

Blue EyesCollapse )
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Challenge #3 -- Playing Games 
05:27pm 27/03/2006
mood: amused
Title: Playing Games
Challenge #3: Video Games
Author: Gracie Musica
Date Written: 3/27/06
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Kakei/Saiga
Word Count: 100
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Legal Drug is not mine.
Author Notes: I just joined the community and thought I would bring everyone a present. ^__^

Playing GamesCollapse )
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