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Should legal_scribbles continue? 
01:50pm 25/06/2007
  For several months now, I have issued (near) bi-weekly challenge topics with nary a peep from the community. Should I continue to do so? Or should we acknowledge the reality that the community is dead and let it rest in peace?  
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Challenge #36 - Running Late 
10:53am 04/06/2007
  I apologize for having missed the entire month of May. (However, no one seems to have minded terribly that there weren't any challenges.) The next new challenge is

Running late
Due date: June 17

You don't have to use the phrase "running late", so long as you invoke the concept of someone running behind schedule to do something.
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Challenge #35 - Why is it purple? 
01:31pm 30/04/2007
  I thought we'd try something a little different this time. This time around, you must include the following sentence in your fic.

Why is it purple?
Due date: Sunday, May 13

You decide what "it" is. You decide who says the line. But you must have someone say the question. (If you need to change the verb tense in order to fit your fic, that's okay.)

Have fun; be creative; write, and share!
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Challenge #34 - Knitting 
10:30am 17/04/2007
  Inspired by the picture of Saiga and Kakei von_questenberg posted in gouhoudrug, this biweek's challenge topic is

Due date: Sunday, April 29

Why is Saiga knitting? What is Saiga knitting? How do Kazahaya or Rikuou react to the sight of Saiga knitting? How does Kakei react to the boys' reactions? Of course, you don't have to place your story around the knitting picture if you don't want to. But it might serve as inspiration.
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Challenge #33 - Loss 
09:35am 03/04/2007
  The new Legal Drug challenge topic is ...

Due Date: April 15

Double non-existent points if you can write a loss fanfic that's not angsty. :D
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Challenge topic #32: Practical Jokes 
11:14am 20/03/2007
  In honor of the upcoming April Fool's Day, the next Legal Drug fanfic challenge is

Practical Jokes
Due Date: Sunday, April 1
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Challenge topic #31: Boat 
03:55pm 07/03/2007
  Sorry for being a few days late. The new challenge topic is a little more daunting this time. The topic is ...

Toy boats, real boats, big boats, small boats, they all satisfy the challenge. You can use "ship" as well if you use the nautical meaning not the romantic slang meaning.

Due date: Sunday March 18

Be inventive and write a story involving the cast interacting with a boat somehow.

As always, fics based on past topics are welcome. Suggestions for future topics are adored.
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Challenge topic #30: Cherry 
12:53pm 20/02/2007
  Time for a new Legal Drug challenge topic. This time around, the topic is ...

cherry You can choose the fruit, its flower, the color, the taste, or any of the slang meanings.
Due date: Sunday March 4.

Have fun!
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Challenge #29 - Music 
10:29am 06/02/2007
  Time for a new challenge topic.

Due Date: Sunday, February 18

As always, past challenges are fair game for writing topics, and I'm looking for suggested future topics. Have fun writing!
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Challenge #28: Dreams 
01:09pm 22/01/2007
  Time for a new challenge. This time around the topic will be ...

Due Date: Sunday, February 4

Get on your thinking caps, crack your knuckles, flex your fingers, and start typing! :D
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Challenge #27 - Regret 
09:12am 09/01/2007
  First, let me thank winterwaltz6 for submitting a fic for the cake challenge! Second, let me remind everyone that even though each challenge has a due date, that doesn't mean you can't write a fic for past challenges. All challenge topics are open for fics at all times. Third, let me introduce the new challenge topic ....

Due date: January 21.

As a double challenge, try to write a fic featuring regret in a non-depressing way. :)
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Challenge #26 
12:01pm 03/01/2007
  Title: Indication
Pairing: Rikuo/Kazahaya
Rating: PG
Theme: cake
Word Count: 1,340 (I'm so over, I know. But it has cake!)
Disclaimer: Clearly, the boys are not mine.
Spoilers: Vol. 3
Summary: The last night at Suiryo High brings a revelation to Rikuo that he'd much rather ignore.

Fic is the only way to start the new year
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Challenge #26: Cake 
12:11pm 26/12/2006
  Time for a new challenge topic. This time around the challenge is ....


Due date: Sunday, Jan 7, 2007

Let's start the new year with lots of Legal Drug fanfics, shall we?
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Challenge topic #25: Glitter 
09:22am 12/12/2006
  Here's a topic that might prove challenging ...


This is a wide open subject ... use it as a verb; use it as a noun; just use it. Write us a Legal Drug fic involving glitter in some form or fashion.

Challenge date: Sunday, December 24, Christmas Eve. <-- maybe the date will help you think of a way to "glitter" up our community. :D
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Challenge #11 - Mother 
11:33pm 01/12/2006
  Title: In Her Arms
Theme: Mother
Author: Tenshineechan
Pairings/Characters: Tsukiko.
Rating: PG
Genre: General/Angst
Warnings: Mild language.
Disclaimer: Legal/Gouhou/Lawful Drug does not belong to me but to CLAMP.
Author Notes: Written since there is virtually nothing about Tsukiko. This is based on one of the theories I have about her identity and why she is important to Rikuo.
Word Count: 299.

( Link to story. )
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Assuming this is acceptable... 
04:46pm 27/11/2006
  Hello all!

I've created a new community and would like to share it with all of you:


Please join if you are interested!
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Challenge topic #24: Calendar 
11:18am 27/11/2006
  Apparently, I have a difficult time reading a calendar and correctly getting that due date posted in the challenge. In honor of my being calendar-reading challenged, I offer the new challenge topic of ..... calendar.

Take the idea and see what you do with it by Sunday, December 10. (Which hopefully is the correct date this time. *sigh*)
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New Challenge topic: #23 - Fast 
11:57am 13/11/2006
  Time for a new challenge topic. The new topic is ....

fast (using the speed or quick adverbial meaning)
Due Date: Sunday, November 23

Did something happen to our guys quickly? Can they do something fast? Or maybe they didn't / couldn't do something fast enough and something unexpected happened? Use your imagination and your writing skills and tell us a story.

As always, all past challenge topics are waiting to inspire you. Also, I'm always on the look-out for challenge topics suggestions!
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Challenge #12 - Memories/Soldiers 
09:38pm 13/11/2006
  Title: What Once Was
Theme: Memories/Soldiers
Author: Tenshineechan
Pairings/Characters: Kei, Kazahaya.
Rating: G
Genre: Supernatural/Angst
Warnings: Spoiler for Kei’s identity.
Disclaimer: Legal/Gouhou/Lawful Drug does not belong to me but to CLAMP.
Author Notes: I’ve just finished possibly one of the most stressful exams I’ve ever taken, so I decided to tackle the backlog of challenges that I missed while I was busy with uni. Seeing as there is still no new information/plot due to the hiatus, I’ve continued writing my interpretation of Kei. I tied both themes together cause they seemed to fit well, particularly for this piece.
Word Count: 439

( Link to story. )
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New Challenge topic: #22 Jewelry 
02:02pm 31/10/2006
  Time for a new topic. The new challenge topic is

Due date: November 12

Some idea suggestions: Have Kazahaya and Rikuo been assigned to retrieve a piece of jewelry? How about explaining one or more of the various jewelry pieces they wear in those official art pieces? And what about Kakei and Saga? Do they have a special piece of jewelry -- a single, a matching, or a pair -- that only they know what it means?

Think about it and let us know! :)
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